Welcome to Sunny Blackpool

“We get some of the best beach sunsets in the world here in Blackpool… True story!”

Located on the north west, England, Blackpool is a popular UK seaside resort that is home to many tourist attractions such as the famous Blackpool Tower and its Piers. Blackpool also has some nice beaches and a promenade which is ideal for nice strolls and sight seeing.

The sun sets over Blackpool and its coast line of an evening so if the weather is nice you will catch a sunset (and maybe even a tan depending on what time of the year it is). The sunsets are always good to look at, some even being spectacular and each can be quite different to the previous one depending on the weather, what season it is and the clouds in the sky. If you get the chance go to Blackpool and take in one of these sunsets for your self.

Thanks, for reading. Why don’t you take a look at my Blackpool sunset gallery in the mean time… Or thinking about visiting Blackpool? Take a look at the events page to see whats on.